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Our city manifesto will be available for use to any business within the city limits - free of charge. We have created three different sizes with two different mounting options for your use.


Join in on the fun with your very own Glendale Manifesto Poster and flex your Glendalian pride in style.

Order Options & Form Below!


Order Form

Fill Form or Simply Email:  

All you have to do is tell us what size you want, how you want to mount it, quantity and we will take care of the rest for you!

*** Note:  Window Poster will not leave residue. 


Success! We'll be in contact shortly.

Program Details

This manifesto will used to spearhead our branding initiative in various distribution channels within the city, but the most important one being our Glendale business owners. 

All Glendalians are encouraged to get one to show off our Glendale pride! 







signsideb copy.jpg
  • Hang on Window!

  • Hang on Wall!

  • Stick on Window!

  • Have a Ball! 

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