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Rugbytown USA




RugbyTown, USA

GlendaleCO has become synonymous with the Rugby Capital of the USA, home of the American Raptors. Featuring Super RugbyAmericas matches to the infamous international RugbyTown 7s tournament, there is ALWAYS something rugby going on at Glendale's Infinity Park. 


Attention Glendalians!

A lot of things are happening around the city this year. There's also a lot of fun updates in store for Glendale coming in the future! Be sure to stay informed by signing up for our newsletter!​

This is 


Aug 23-25, 2024

RugbyTown 7s

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Join The Cool Kids: 
Get Your Glendale Manifesto Poster For Free.

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We Have a Creek & a Park.

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369 Acres of
Sippin' Back n' Relaxin'.

Yeah, we're small. But whether it's picnicking with your favorite 6-pack & friends at Creekside Park, leisure strolling, or quick bites for lunch breaks, sip back and relax -- Glendale has you covered.   

The city is working non-stop to provide the best environment to live and run your business. Come check out our official city information site for more.

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Not Too Close.
Not Too

Defenders Of

Movie Nights Are A

To Infinity Park & Beyond.

Infinity Park boasts having so many things to do and see. From Rugby Matches, Stadium Games, Intramurals, The Sports Center, Movie Nights, & Events. Infinity Park has it all. 

Find out more and how you can rent it out for yourself.


  • What is Glendale?
    The City of Glendale is a Home Rule Municipality located in Arapahoe County, Colorado, United States. The entire city is surrounded on all sides by the City and County of Denver - HELP!
  • Where is Glendale, CO?"
    We are located east of S. Colorado Blvd, south of Leetsdale Drive, and north of E. Louisiana Ave BUT no one will remember that, so you know that Super Target on S. Colorado Blvd? Yeah, let’s just go with that for now.
  • How big is Glendale, CO?"
    Glendale, CO is a 5,141 person resident 369 acre enclave made up of freedom, fun, and independence.
  • Did Glendale ACTUALLY take away their laws?
    Yes, in 2013 we had a “Year of Freedom” where every month we removed one outdated law. Now you can actually throw a rock at a bush! (Yes, this was actually a law).
  • What is there to do in Glendale?
    There is everything from local restaurants and bars, outdoor concerts, bike paths, parks, community movie nights, rugby games, and who knows - your future pick-up game national championship.
  • RugbyTown USA?
    Yeah, pretty cool huh! We're home of the USA Rugby National XVs teams, and the American Raptors. Featuring USA Rugby matches to the infamous international RugbyTown 7s tournament, there is ALWAYS something rugby going on at Glendale's Infinity Park.
  • Our favorite fashion item?
    Sweat Pants
  • Our favorite food?
    Anything BUT vegan, gluten free, organic, low fat, no carb, fat free, sugar free, and soy.
  • Our favorite show?
    Parks n’ Rec. Not even a question.
  • Our favorite drink?
    Somewhere between Moonshine and a Manhattan.
  • What’s the weirdest fact about us?
    Glendale has only 1 single-family home.
  • What do we do when we’re not working?
    1.) Sunbathing by the creek pretending it’s a beach. 2.) Airballs in basketball with the squad. 3.) Organic pizza runs to Whole Foods. 4.) Failing at DIY yoga in Creekside Park.
  • A kind of redeeming quality about Glendale?
    You can kind of see the mountains. Kind of.
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